Speaking Engagements

Meagan SylvesterMeagan Sylvester is a Sociologist by training who has a specialization in the Sociology of Music.

As a practicing Sociologist with thirty years experience, in the fields of Caribbean Sociology and Research Methods, she has been afforded many opportunities to speak to audiences at colleges and universities on Caribbean Social Problems, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods for Caribbean Scholarship, Gender and Masculinity in Caribbean communities, Cultural Globalization and Intersectionality using the lens of race, culture and class to analyze Caribbean identities.

Having specialized her research on the Sociology of Music and produced primary research scholarship on English, Spanish, French and Dutch speaking Caribbean spaces, her contribution to the ethnomusicology of the Caribbean indigenous music has facilitated a consultancy practice through which she provides her clients with insight into the sociological framing of Caribbean and diasporic spaces Her work delves into connections among Caribbean music, issues of identity, migration and cultural transformations as expressed in the festival culture between the Caribbean and other traditional and non-traditional Carnival festival locales.

Partnering with several organizations around the globe, her work encompasses academic conference presentations, hosting scholarly workshops, participating in international seminars and being a member of strategic teams responsible for sociological research and analysis across both western and non-western cultures including Europe, Latin America, South America, the United States and numerous islands in the Caribbean.

Meagan Sylvester

Consulting Services

Combining almost three decades of teaching and school leadership, Sylvester offers a range of educational services to secondary schools, tertiary level learning institutions and educational industry training including:

  • Workshop and seminar design and implementation,
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of educational leadership plans
  • Conduct and participation in strategic planning workshops,
  • Evaluation of accreditation applications relating to review, research, and assessment designs and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Proficiency in the analysis of quantitative and qualitative research data and report write-up

Educational Curricula Development in Arts Education

Meagan Sylvester and studentsCommitted to excellence in education, Sylvester has been working with principals, deans and school officials to assist with holistic development in curricula strengthening for the past ten years. Part of that commitment has been to improve educational praxis and expand experiences for youth and adults in the visual and performing arts classroom. She is known for her strong work ethic and solid expertise and experience offering innovative uses of technology, making practical recommendations, and providing exceptional client service. Her skills & abilities include:

  • Creating a learning environment for young adults in visual and performing arts education
  • Knowledge of educational policy, techniques and approaches to teaching and learning
  • Experience with the principles and practices associated with curricula planning & instructional methods in secondary and tertiary education
  • Expertise in Visual and Performing Arts Education
  • Conducting school seminars and workshops and preparing and facilitating in-service education presentations
  • Mentorship of young adults in career goals and planning

Meagan Sylvester


Experienced journalist for both traditional (radio, print, TV) and social media. Engagements include:

  • Editor for a multi-lingual online publication covering the Caribbean, Diasporic and International News
  • Radio co-host and guest presenter
  • TV co-host, interviewee and guest presenter
  • Social media influencer